Montclair Observation Tower

The Montclair Observation Tower was a two-story tower built by the Realty Syndicate in 1925 to help sell homes in the newly opened area of  Montclair Highlands.

Montclair Observation Tower 1925 - Oakland History Room

Montclair Observation Tower – Montclair Highlands 1923 –  Oakland History Room

The new observation tower in Montclair Highlands is open to the entire public of the San Francisco Bay district .. With the aid of the telescope and field glasses you could view the entire panorama.”  On a clear day, it is said you could see points as far away as the Farallon Islands.  Oakland Tribune June 25, 1925




Oakland Tribune  June 25, 1925


Oakland Tribune July 1929


Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Jun_21__1925_ (1)

Oakland Tribune June 21, 1925


Location of the tower

The tower (yellow arrow) is seen in this 1929 aerial By Fairchild

Montclair in 1928 Fairchild Aerial with arrow jpg

Near the intersection of Asilomar Drive and Aztec Way.

observation tower



1928 Model View home in Montclair Highlands


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