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Then & Now – Oakland Schools – Special

I have included this into my series on the schools in Oakland. This was posted in September of 2018.

Note: Piecing together the history of some of the older schools is sometimes tricky. I do this all at home and online — a work in progress for some. I have been updating my posts when I find something new. Let me know of any mistakes or additions.

Update Jan 6, 2020

Hays School in Montclair

Hays Canyon Schoolhouse
Students pose with their teacher
In this photo and of the 6 children sitting down. Walter Wood is second from the left.
His brother Alfred Wood is 4th from the left
Harry W. Logan is seated on far right and his brother Maurice Logan (the painter) is standing far right
The Logan’s and the Wood’s lived at Lake Temescal.
c 1900-1910 Oakland History Room

In March of 1886, the Board of Supervisors created a new school district.  That took from portions of the Piedmont, Peralta, and Fruitvale districts and representing about 44 children. The new district was called the Hays School District, in honor of the late Colonel John Coffee Hays.  The superintendent appointed the following residents of the area as trustees:

Oakland Tribune Mar 1886

The land for the school was given to the district from Hetty S. Henshaw.   The Montclair Firehouse was built in the spot in 1927, using the front part of the lot. 

Oakland Tribune Jul 1886

New School House Built

Requests for bids to build the school were made in July of 1886.


The completed school was small at only 32×36 feet,  with just one classroom.  It was Gothic in design with a graceful looking bell tower.  It had two entrances, one for the boys and the other for the girls each entrance having a 6×6 vestibule.  The sash bars of the windows are all horizontal, after the style of the school buildings in Europe.  The building cost about $2,500 and took about two months to build. The architects were

Oakland Tribune July 1886

The building was designed by Goodrich & Newton

Oakland Tribune 1887


The dedication of the school was held in October 1886.  It was attended most of the families that lived in the area.  Opening remarks were made by Judge EM Gibson and W.H Mead.  Some of the families in attendance:

Entertainment provided by the students from the school under the direction of their teacher Miss Lucy Law.  The following students performed:

  • Clara Gibson
  • Gussie Gibson
  • Carrie Mead
  • Daisy Mead
  • Susie Mead
  • Mattie Mead
  • Edith Medau
  • Louise Medau
Oakland Tribune October 1886
Oakland Tribune Feb 11, 1888
Oakland Tribune Mar 16, 1888

Graduation 1901

Oakland Tribune June 1901

Attendance for the year ending 1911 for the Hays School was 11 students.

Oakland TRibune Aug 01, 1911

The school was closed in around 1913 and the building was demolished.  It was probably due to construction of the Oakland, Antioch and Eastern Railway later known as the Sacramento Northern.   For more on the Sacramento Northern please go here. The East Bay Hills Project

Montclair Firehouse

The Montclair firehouse was built in 1927 on the same site. The story book style building was designed by Eldred E. Edwards of the Oakland Public Works Department.

Storybook firehouse on Moraga Avenue in the
Montclair district of Oakland, California. 1934, ohrphoto.districts.031.
Oakland. Buildings Oakland Public Library, Oakland History Room.

Misc Articles

Oakland Tribune 1891
Oakland Tribune Nov 1889

A little controversy. From 1891 and 1895

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Oakmore Highlands Homes

The first home according to the above article was built for Erwin Howell. The two-story colonial was built at 4065 Oakmore Road.

Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Jun_5__1927_ (1)

Oakland Tribune Jun 1927

4065 Oakmore Road
4065 Oakmore Road – Google Maps

1924 Hoover Avenue

Oakland Tribune Sep 1927

1924 Hoover St
1924 Hoover Street

  • Spanish Style
  •  Grace Clifford
  • Frederick H Reimers Architect
  • Irwin Reimers Builder
  • 1927
  • Google Maps

1941 Hoover Avenue

Oakland Tribune Nov 1927

Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Nov_27__1927_ (2)
Oakland Tribune Nov 1927

1941 Hoover Ave
1941 Hoover Avenue – Google Maps

4420 Bridgeview Drive

Oakland Tribune 1928

Bestor robinson
The Bestor Robinson Home – 4420 Bridgeview Drive

3932 Oakmore Road

Oakland Tribune Feb 1928

  • English Cottage
  • R L Caps Owner
  • L. Rosecrans Architect
  • 1927
  • Zillow

3992 Oakmore Road

Oakland Tribune May 1927

3992 Oakmore
3992 Oakmore Road

  • English Cottage
  • Marie Wheeler – owner
  • Florence Wheeler – owner
  • 1927
  • Google Map

4125 Oakmore Road

Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Jun_5__1927_ (1)
Oakland Tribune Jun 1927

Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Jun_5__1927_ (2)
Oakland Tribune June 1927

4125 Oakmore road
4125 Oakmore Road  – Bing Maps

  • Italian Design
  • John G. Evans Owner
  • 1927
  •  Bing Maps

3921 Oakmore Road

Oakland Tribune  Mar 1927

3921 Oakmore Rd
3921 Oakmore Road – Google Maps

4350 Bridge View Drive

Oakland Tribune June 1929

4350 Brideview
4350 Bridge View Drive – from Google Maps

  • Spanish Style
  • A.H. Monez – owner
  • 1929
  • Google map

4266 Edge Street

4266 Edge St Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Dec_4__1927_
Oakland Tribune 1927

Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Jun_5__1927_ (1)
Oakland Tribune 1927

4266 Edge
4266 Edge Street – Google Maps

  • Spanish Style
  • Lewis W. Jefferson Owner
  • Carl Jefferson Owner
  • Dec 1927
  • Google Maps

3956 Oakmore Road

Oakland Tribune 1928

3956 Oaklmore troad
3956 Oakmore Road

1921 Rosecrest Drive

1921 Rosecrest Oakland_Tribune_Sun__Jun_2__1935_
Oakland Tribune 1935

1921 Rosecresr
1921 Rosecrest Drive

  • Monterey Colonial
  • Chester H. Treichel Architect
  • 1935
  • Realtor.Com

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