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The Montclarion, a little history

A little history of the Montclarion newspaper in Oakland, Ca.

The Montclarion 1992

Before The Montclarion newspaper rolled off the presses in 1944, there were two earlier editions of the paper.  The Montclair Garden Club published a newsletter called the Montclair Clarion in the early 1930s. 

The editor was Margery Lane Schuler, who lived on Merriewood Drive.  Schuler was also the advertising manager, copyreader, publisher, and art director.

In her first editorial, Schuler wrote that the Montclair Clarion expected to “ have a great many people become more aware of the beauty of the district.” 

In January of 1935, a small 20 pages booklet of poetry, stories and community activities, advertisements, and a recipe for Pumpkin Chiffon Pie appeared in mailboxes in the Merriewood neighborhood of the Montclair District.

It was sponsored by the Merriewood – Pinehaven Improvement Club and was distributed for free.

On the cover of the April 1935 edition, it boasted a circulation of 1000, and by September 1935, the little book was less than 10 pages.

Cover of the February March 1935 Issue

Please go here to see the complete issue – Montclair_Clarion

By November 1937, the publisher and editor was Beatrice “Bea” Pause the wife of  Montclair Realty owner Paul Pause.  The name was changed to Montclarion.

The first issues were printed on mimeograph machines.  It was published from about 1937 – 1942.  In 1942 due to WWII and the rationing of paper, it ceased publication.

Montclarion July 24, 1941

To see more of this issue  –  Montclarion

In 1944 Fred Graeser and his wife Micky purchased the name for $100, and the first issue of “The Montclarion,” as we know it, came out in October 1944.  Fred ran the paper exclusively for 5 years when Micky took over.  Fred returned after a few years. They sold the paper in 1977.

May 29. 1957


A special thanks to Chris Tredway for the copies of the early issues



II have been an Oakland history buff since going on an Oakland Heritage Alliance Tour of the Fernwood Neighborhood in the Montclair District of Oakland, in the mid-'80s. On that tour, I learned that there use to be a train (Sacramento Northern) that ran through Montclair in the early 1900s and that people lived the area as early as 1860s — been hooked ever since. Since then, I have spent a lot of time looking into the history of Montclair, and I have learned a lot. I feel this will be the best way to get it out of my head and onto paper.

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