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Forest Park – a scenic residential park

Subdivision of Montclair – approx. the area above Thornhill at Woodhaven and Oakwood Drive and up to Snake and Colton Blvd. The Forest Park Pool (now Montclair Swim Club) was included with the tract. – Updated May 06, 2019

Wickham Havens, Inc., to Sell Fine Scenic Property on the Highlands Northeast of Beautiful Piedmont” – Oakland Tribune May 11, 1924

A residential park that has been “twenty years in the making” is how they described Forest Park when it first opened in May 1924. The hills of Forest Park were barren of trees when the late Frank C. Havens undertook the task in the early 1900s of planting them with trees. His son Wickham is in charge of selling Forest Park.

Oakland Tribune May 11, 1924
Oakland Tribune May 11, 1924
Oakland Tribune May 1924
Free Bus service to Forest Park
Oakland Tribune May 1924
Oakland Tribune 1924

Big wooded lots some with a view of the bay were selling at a few hundred dollars each. “Investment in Forest Park today means rich profits in the future” – Come out and see the $10,000 pool being built for the residents – Oakland Tribune June 1924.

Oakland Tribune Jun 15, 1924
Elmer F. Morrill lived down the road where
Harbord Drive and Moraga Avenue meet since the late 1880s
Oakland Tribune Mar 1924

Forest Pool was located at Thornhill Drive and Woodhaven Way is now the Montclair Swim Club.

Forest Pool – 1925
Photo By Cheney Advertising
Forest Pool 1927
Photo By Cheney Advertising
The corner of Woodhaven Way and Indian Way
Cheney Photo Advertising 1925
Present Day Google Maps
Woodhaven Way looking towards the corner of Indian Way
Photo by Cheney Advertising 1927
Woodhaven Way looking towards the corner of Indian Way
Present Day – Google Maps
From 7000 Thornhill Drive looking east
Cheney Photo Advertising 1925
From 7000 Thornhill Drive looking east
Cheney Photo Advertising 1927
Present Day 7017 and 7025 Thornhill Drive – Google Maps
San Francisco Bay – Forest Park with Oakwood Drive and Thornhill
Cheney Photo Advertising c 1927
San Francisco Bay – from Skyline
Cheney Photo Advertising c 1927

To be continued …Forest Park – the Shepard Canyon Section


I grew up in the Montclair District of Oakland, CA. I attended Thornhill Elementary School, Montera Junior High, Skyline High School, and spent some time at Merritt College.

11 thoughts on “Forest Park – a scenic residential park

  1. I spent so much time at Forest Pool growing up in Montclair . I loved going to the pool. I would walk there from 6807 Ridgewood Dr.
    1952 to 1965
    Paul Nobmann

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  2. I enjoy your blog, Dorothy. The parts about our area are especially interesting to me, of course. We knew Mr and Mrs Dunkle when we first moved here. They told us the castle was built by Tom Mix, the old time movie cowboy. They said he was planning a tract, but nobody wanted to move up to the hills at that time, too inconvenient. We got to go in one Halloween when we were supervising trick or treat. They were very nice people.

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  3. Thank you. I don’t know about the Castle being built by “Tom Mix”. But I do know it was one of the earlier homes up there. As a young kid of 10 or 11, I remember my friends Mom ( they live on Oakwood Dr) pointing and telling us about Mr. Dunkel and his castle as we drove by. I didn’t pay much attention. I wish I did. Little did I know I would be writing about it years later.


  4. Wow, this is a precious piece of treasured history! My 2 brothers & I grew up in the beautiful village of Montclair. We were truly blessed to live there. We were members of Montclair Swim Club. Our parents bought our house in 1957.

    Thank you so much for a your findings.
    Michelle Mayfield(McGinn)

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