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Playhouse at Montclair Park

Most anyone who grew up in Montclair played at the park. The park was always full of kids.

Montclarion 1960

If you played in the park during the 1960-1980s, you would remember the two-story playhouse. It was built in 1960 and was located by the swing-sets.

March 1964 from Mary Jo Losso

It was demolished after a couple of fires in the mid to late 1980s. It is rumored that the fires caused by teens or someone smoking in the house.

I enjoyed playing in small playhouse. I would pretend I lived there and that my best friend lived next door.

Montclarion 1960

Built in 1960

In 1960 the Montclair Junior Women’s Club of Montclair held fundraisers and worked with the Oakland Recreation Department to finance a playhouse for the park in Montclair.

Oakland Tribune Apr 1960
Oakland Tribune 1960

The 120 square foot playhouse incorporated such features as kitchenettes with running water and toy stoves and refrigerators It had a living room with built-in play television sets and a circular metal stairway leading up to the sleeping balcony and sundeck in each unit.

The exterior of the structure was covered with heavy wire to create the illusion of a closed building. Bright colored squares of orange, yellow, turquoise and white decorate the front of the playhouse.

Oakland Tribune Sep 1960
Jan 1973 from Mike Shuken

The playhouse was designed and constructed by members of the Oakland Parks and Recreation Department

  • Bert Trubody
  • Robert Savattone
  • Paul Mortensen
From Beth Reynolds

Fun in Merrivilla

Oakland Tribune Sep 19, 1960

Dollhouse Named Diane

From the Facebook Group – Forgotten Montclair

There was also a playhouse located in Pinto Park/Carl B. Munck School play yard.

It was built in honor who Diane “Dede” Dobson who lost her life during the Columbus Day Storms of 1962.

Swiss Chalet at Pinto Park
From the Facebook Group – Forgotten Montclair
Oakland Tribune Apr 1963
Oakland Tribune Apr 1963
Oakland Tribune August 1964

I will add more photos as I find them

The End


I grew up in the Montclair District of Oakland, CA. I attended Thornhill Elementary School, Montera Junior High, Skyline High School, and spent some time at Merritt College.

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