Then & Now – Oakland Schools -Old Lockwood School

Updated August 04, 2020

Oakland Tribune Oct 10, 1965

In 1858 Miss Julia Aldrich was contracted to run a small private school on Isaac (Issac) Yoakum’s farm. Yoakum had built his house on the site of the present Lockwood School, he later moved that house and replaced it with a small building to be used as a school (see above).

The school was located at the intersection East 14th Street (County Road No. 1525 and now International Blvd) Mary Street, then 68th Avenue, and later 69th Avenue. The schoolhouse remained in use for another 42 years, with a small addition in 1892.

The first year Lockwood had 12 students enrolled.

Map from 1912 – the Redline is East 14th -68th

In February of 1876, there were 28 boys, and 10 girls enrolled in the school. The teacher was Alonzo Crawford.

Oakland Tribune Mar 01, 1876

In August of 1876 (typo in the newspaper), there were 20 boys and 21 girls enrolled.

  • The Damon Family owned a general store at the corner of E.14th & 66th
  • The Kinsell Family lived on 94th Avenue just below E. 14th
  • The A.H. Merritt family lived on 66th Avenue
  • The Moss home was at 82nd and Foothill
  • The Silva’s owned a saloon at 84th and E. 14th

New School – 1902

The new school was built on the corner of East 14th Street and 68th Avenue in 1902. Charles H Greenman was the principal. The school was demolished (need to verify this) in 1936.

Lockwood Public School
Circa 1912
Photographer: Cheney Photo Advertising Company

Oakland Tribune 20, 1902

The Oakland Tribune Collection, the Oakland Museum of California. Gift of ANG Newspapers circa 1917

Greenman died while fighting a fire in the school playground in 1919. In the 1950s, they named the athletic field after Greenman.

Oakland Tribune 1909

Across from the school was the 282-acre dairy belonging to William Manchido. The big pasture was later used as the landing field of Weldon Cooke, an early Oakland aviator. In 1910 Wickham Havens subdivided into what we now know as Havenscourt.

Old School is Sold – 1903

Oakland Tribune Feb 05, 1903

Class of 1904

Oakland Tribune May 1948

Lockwood Junior High – 1912

Lockwood School – Havenscourt Area
East 14th Street (now International Blvd) and Mary (now 68th) Avenue
Circa 1912
Photographer: Cheney Photo Advertising Company

Old Timers Reunions

For many years the former students of the school would hold an annual reunion for all graduates of the school.

Class of 1898
Oakland Tribune Feb 16, 1932

Class of 1894
Oakland Tribune May 13, 1959

CLASS of 1898
Oakland Tribune July 16, 1951

The Lockwood Quill

Lockwood School Band

Lockwood Band 1905
Oakland Tribune May 1947

Oakland Tribune November 03, 1905

Oakland Tribune Aug 05, 1909

Traffic Reserve

The first traffic reserve unit was formed at Lockwood in February 1928.

More Info on Lockwood

Also known as Havenscourt Junior High

Now the Coliseum College Prep Academy – OUSD

The present Lockwood School building was built in 1953-54

In 2007 Futures Elementary School opened as a small school on historic Lockwood campus, which has been home to students for more than 100 years.

  • Futures Elementary School – OUSD

The End

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  1. My dear ole grandma, one Madeline ‘Madge’ Swim, is referenced as a teacher at lockwood in 1916. I would dearly love a picture of her. Thank you. BJ

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  2. Hi…am researching my Family Tree. My Great Aunt Catherine (Cassie) Diver born in 1869 (Donegal, Ireland) married Michael Storey in 1905 and lived in Oakland. Michael was born in Ireland but I don’t know where. In their home lived other Irish emigrants named Devlin. My Great Uncle Michael Diver (Dever) also from Donegal lived at 346 21 st Ave Richmond, California visited Oakland often. Catherine died on 21st June 1925. The Storey Family had 2 children. Dennis (1898 – ?) and Raymond Joseph (03.01.1906 – 04.02.1966) Are you able to help with any information about this family? I really hope you can. Thank you Daniel 🍀

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  3. Excellent Oakland history. My grandfather Billy Rose was a student at Lockwood. I have a photo of him in 8th grade in his school band uniform dated 1922. I’m looking for any other photos of him at Lockwood. Thank you.


  4. I have a great Love for the City of Oakland, and especially Lockwood Elementary School! I attended Lockwood school from 3rd to 6th grade. The years were 1963-1967! I was on traffic patrol under ( Mr Wong) and played in the school band under (Mr Tapiro)! I absolutely LOVED LOCKWOOD!


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