Then & Now – Oakland Schools Part 14

In this series of posts, I hope to show Then and Now images Oakland Schools.  Along with a bit of history of each school, I highlight. Some of the photos are in the form of drawings or postcards, or from the pages of history books.

Note: Piecing together the history of some of the older schools is sometimes tricky. I do this all at home and online — a work in progress for some. I have been updating my posts when I find something new. Let me know of any mistakes or additions.

I wasn’t able to locate pictures of Sheffield School. I am hoping someone might have some. The same goes for Burbank, although I think the school looks pretty much the same now as it did when it was built in 1950.

Update Jan 17, 2020

Burbank School

In 1928 plans for the new Burbank School on 64th Avenue in East Oakland were approved. The new six-room brick structure was to cost $60,000 and house 270 students.


The school is named after Luther Burbank, a botanist, and horticulturist who made his home in Northern California.

Oakland Tribune Dec 8, 1928


Oakland Tribune Dec 28, 1928

New School

In 1948 plans for a new school and the reconstruction of the old school, the building was approved. They added an auditorium and a couple more classrooms. Hudspeth and Cerruti were the architects.

Oakland Tribune Nov 16, 1950

The new $297,777 Luther Burbank Elementary School was dedicated on November 15, 1950. The building is one-story and had a capacity of 315 students.


Oakland Tribune Nov 16, 1950

School Song

High Upon a hill near home, there’s a school my very very own
Its name is Burbank Elementary, and of all the schools in Oakland It’s the only one for me
Burbank School where we study hard each day
Burbank School where we have some fun and play
Burbank school, you’re the best in every way
So we give 3 cheers for Burbank School
Hurray, Hurray, Hurray!

Burbank Today


Burbank Today – OUSD


Burbank Today – OUSD

Burbank was closed by the Oakland Unified School District in 2004.

In September 2010, Burbank Preschool Center was opened.

Burbank is a special place in OUSD that supports infants, toddlers, and preschoolers with special needs through exemplary, special education programming as well as related services


Burbank Today – OUSD

More Info:

It is located at 3550 64th Ave.

Burbank School – Oakland Local Wiki

Burckhalter Elementary School


Oakland Tribune Aug 30, 1925

In 1923 a new one-room school was built on Sunkist Drive, the school was called Columbia Park (Columbian Park). Susie Thompson was the custodian of the school for 3 years. She lived next door to the school at 6868 Sunkist.


Oakland Tribune Aug 18, 1925

In the obituary of Susie Thompson, it is reported that a wind storm destroyed the first school, and it was replaced by a new building in 1925.


New School

In September of 1948, they broke ground for the new Burckhalter School.


Oakland Tribune Sep 16, 1948

Burckhalter Today


Burckhalter Today – OUSD photo


Burckhalter Today – OUSD photo


Burckhalter Today – OUSD photo

More Info:

The school is located at 3994 Burckhalter Avenue, Oakland, CA, 94605

Burckhalter School Website – OUSD

Carl B Munck Elementary

Plans were approved for the new Redwood Road Elementary School at 5000 Redwood Road. E. Geoffrey Bangs was the architect. The site included a field for the Oakland Recreation Department.


Oakland Tribune Nov 18, 1959
  • 12 Classrooms
  • Administration Offices
  • Library
  • Multipurpose Room

The new school opened in 1960. The name was changed to honor Carl B Munck, who was the president of the school board (five times), was president of California School Board and was the president of the National School Boards Association in 1958.


Oakland Tribune Apr 1962

On a rare snow day in 1962, icicles formed on the shrubs at the after a sprinkler was left on.


Oakland Tribune Jan 22, 1962

In 1962 five local Girl Scout troops donated a Colorado blue spruce tree to the school in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Girl Scouts.


Oakland Tribune Mar 27, 1962

Bus Service

In 1965 students were able to ride the bus to school. The bus made six to seven trips daily.


Oakland Tribune Sep 14, 1966

In 1966 without warning, the service was ended at the beginning of the school year as part of the Oakland School Board’s effort to make ends meet. Parents were concerned with the safety of children who couldn’t get a ride to school.

The young fourth-grader walks about a mile to school every day, up a steep and winding Redwood Road.

Mrs. Niall Quinn – Sep 1966

Mrs. Niall Quinn – Sep 1966

Munck Today


Munck Today OUSD


Munck Today OUSD


Munck Today OUSD

More Info:

The school is located at 11900 Campus Drive.

Howard Elementary School

Before being named Howard Elementary School it was called King Elementary School. The ground was broken for the school in March of 1959.

The school was designed by Alvin Fingalo and George Kern with David Horn.

Oakland Tribune Dec 10, 1958
School Opens – Sep 06 1960
School Opens Sep 06, 1960

The new Howard school was dedicated on December 13, 1960. It was named after Charles P. Howard, a civic leader.


Oakland tribune Dec 13, 1960


Oakland tribune Dec 13, 1960

Howard Today


Howard Today – OUSD


Howard Today – OUSD

Today it is the Sojourner Truth Independent Study (K-12), an alternative public school.

Sojourner Truth website – OUSD

More Info:

The school is located at 8755 Fontaine Street

Kaiser Elementary School

Oakland Tribune Feb 1962

The school was named in honor of Henry J. Kaiser Jr., an industrialist, and civic leader.


Oakland Tribune Feb 05, 1964

Integration Bus Program


Oakland Tribune Sept 12, 1966


Oakland Tribune Sept 12, 1966

Kaiser Today

The school is located at 25 South Hill Court


Kaiser Today – OUSD

More Info:

Markham Elementary School

The Krause Avenue School (Webster Annex) was formally dedicated in November of 1928.


Oakland Tribune Jul 31, 1928

The “Krause Avenue School” before being demolished to make room for the new school in 1956.

Oakland Tribune Feb 04, 1956

In March of 1929, the Oakland Board of Education changed the name of the Webster Annex school to Edwin Markham school in honor of the widely known California poet and educator. Edwin Markin was principal of the Tompkins School from 1891-1899

New School


Oakland Tribune Oct 14, 1949

In 1949 a new $450,000 school building with 10 classrooms, an auditorium, and a kindergarten was dedicated. The building has a capacity of 385 students and was designed by Edward T. Foulkes.


Oakland Tribune Oct 14, 1949


Oakland Tribune Oct 23, 1949


Oakland Tribune Apr 1958

Markham Today


More Info:

Located 7220 Krause Avenue.

Sheffield Village School

Note: I have not been able to locate any pictures of the school


Oakland Tribune March 1950

The Sheffield Village school open in March of 1950. The four-classroom building was designed by C.A. Whitten, Dir. of Architecture for the Oakland Public Schools. The school cost $40 300.

The school closed in 1964, and the students were transferred to the San Leandro School District. The site is now used as a park and the Sheffield Recreation Center.

The school site today

More Info:

The school was located at 241(251) Marlow Drive.

The End

4 thoughts on “Then & Now – Oakland Schools Part 14

Add yours

  1. Thank you for doing this! I grew up in Oakland and went to Burbank, Frick and Fremont! What you are doing here is priceless ! Sad times for public education today. Your reports show times when communities were proud of public schools and willing to invest in them

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful presentations! The timelines are so interesting to see with the flurry of new schools being built and then the decline and the repurposing of the older schools.
    Also interesting to see are some of the personalities involved and some of them moving on later into California government positions.
    I am a proud product of OPD and am thankful I had a quality education then and many opportunities that were given to us in that time.
    Thank you for this bit o’ Oakland history!

    Liked by 1 person

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