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In Le Mon Park

a thing of beauty and joy forever.”

Robert B. Mitchell of Mitchell and Austin
Oakland Tribune Sep 5, 1937

Coronation House Opens

The “Coronation House,” a display home for the Mitchell & Austin, opened on May 2, 1937, in the Le Mon Park section of Piedmont Pines.  It is located on Castle Drive.  The display home was furnished by Breuner’s with the Coronation theme (King George’s Coronation May 1937.)

“English architectural riches have been transplanted to Piedmont Pines in Coronation House”  the ad goes on the say ” Coronation House “fit for a king” in the beautiful Le Mon tract… the crowning achievement of the season”  

Oakland Tribune May 2, 1937
Oakland_Tribune_Sun__May_2__1937_ (6)
Oakland Tribune May 1937

“this six-room home with three bedrooms and a bath, with gorgeous living room and un-impaired view, delightful recreation room and kitchen.”

Oakland Tribune May 1937

“the coronation motif is carried out throughout, the crown drapes furnishing a fitting background for pieces following the English provincial motif ”

Oakland Tribune May 1937


6301 Castle Drive – Google Maps
  • Coronation House
  • Early Colonial
  • 6301 Castle Drive
  • Le Mon Park – Piedmont Pines
  • 1937
  • Mitchell & Austin Real Estate
  • Still there

Fremont House

When General John C. Fremont hiked to a vantage point in the vicinity of Piedmont Pines in time to the setting sun.

“That we shall call the Golden Gate.”

General Fremont – Oakland Tribune Aug 8, 1938
Oakland Tribune May 9, 1937

From the windows of Fremont House you can see the Golden Gate.

  • Fremont House
  • Castle Drive
  • Style – Early California
  • Le Mon Park – Piedmont Pines
  • 1937
  • Mitchell & Austin

Villidor – House of Gold

Commanding a sweeping panorama of the bay and the hills, it offers magnificent views of sunrises and sunsets.”

Oakland Tribune Jun 20, 1937
Oakland Tribune July 27, 1937

Villador, the house of gold opened to the public in June of 1937.

Oakland Tribune July 1937
  • Villador
  • 6324 Castle Drive
  • Le Mon Park – Piedmont Pines
  • 1937
  • Mitchell & Austin
6324 Castle Drive –

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I grew up in the Montclair District of Oakland, CA. I attended Thornhill Elementary School, Montera Junior High, Skyline High School, and spent some time at Merritt College.

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