Unique Apartments Courts – Bungalow Courts

It has been awhile since I have published a new post. I have been dealing with an major medical issue in my family. It is still ongoing. This is something I put together a while back.

bungalow court is a group of small bungalows or workers cottages built around a court or central yard. An apartment court is a group of buildings built around or have a central courtyard.

Bungalow Court, a New Apartment Site

Oakland Tribune Sept 11, 1921
New Euclid Court Apartments Cheney Photo Advertising Company circa 1921

In 1921 a new kind of building known as a Bungalow Court opened, the first in Oakland. The building is located at Hill Lane and Euclid Avenue.

New Euclid Court Apartments Cheney Photo Advertising Company circa 1921

Euclid Court consists of ten three-room bungalow apartments, grouped around a central courtyard. Each unit has separate front and back entrances.

New Euclid Court Apartments Cheney Photo Advertising Company circa 1921

Euclid Court was built for Dr. J.L. Hobbs at the cost of $75,000 and was designed by W.E. Schirmer.

Today Google Maps
  • 432-450 Euclid Avenue
  • Built 1921
  • 10-units
  • W.E. Schirmer – Architect

Virginia Court Apartments – Filbert Street

Virginia Court is a colorful Spanish type apartment building, with twelve apartments of two rooms each.

Each unit came with the following:

  • Genuine Frigidaire
  • Spark gas ranges
  • steam heat
  • Marshall and Stearns wall-bed
  • 1430 Filbert Avenue
  • Built 1930
  • 12-units

Court Pueblo Apartments – On Foothill Blvd.

The Court Pueblo Apartments opened in February 1930 and is located at 6114 and 6120 Foothill Blvd.

There are twelve units of two or three rooms. Each apartment had the following:

  • Genuine Frigidaire
  • Spark Gas Range
  • Marshall & Stearns Beds

Completely furnished for $45 to $52.50 in 1930

Court Pueblo is Spanish in Style.

  • 6114-6120 Foothill Blvd
  • Built 1930
  • Spanish Style
  • 12-units

Apartment Court on Seminary

“The five-room apartments are practically complete homes.”

Oakland Tribune 1928

Apartment Court opened in January 1928 and is located at 1725 and 1729 Seminary Avenue.

Oakland Tribune Nov 27, 1927

It is four buildings of eight apartments, each attractively arranged in a park-like* setting with a central thoroughfare.

1725 Seminary – Google Maps

No longer a park-like setting

1725 Seminary – Google Maps
  • Four five-room Apartments.
  • Twenty-Two two-room Apartments
  • Kelvinator Refrigerator
  • Spark Ranges
  • Murphy Beds

Brookdale Court

Brookdale Court is located at 3760 Brookdale Ave near 38th Ave.


Bungalow Court

Located at 3745 Brookdale Avenue near 38th Avenue. There are 2 and 3 room units available. They rented for $40 and $45 a month in 1928.

“Seville” Spanish-Type Apartments

Reminiscent of the early history of California the Seville was built by Barr and Sons.

886 Cleveland – Google Maps

“The exterior of lime white stucco in monk finish with wrought iron balconies and, rails, the Spanish court effect with landscaped slopes, broken stepping stones and green shrubbery, the tiles roof of handmade Spanish tiles laid as the early day padres would lay them”

20 apartments of 2,3, and 4 rooms furnished from $57.50 up in 1927.

356 Lester Avenue

More Info:

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  1. Thank you for this marvelous post! I thought I had seen a similar plat on Piedmont Avenue across from the elementary school. The buildings were turned into small business offices. Our thoughts and good wishes are being sent your way!

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  2. When my husband and I were married in 1964 we lived for 1 month in a court dwelling on Brookdale. . The furnishings consisted of Stove, refrigerator and hide-a bed. People in the court were friendly to us newlyweds. Fortunately after 1 month we found a darling cottage in the Leona Heights neighborhood. If I ever wanted to move back to Oakland I would first consider Leona heights.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. My Grandfather, William E Schirmer was the Architect for the Euclid Apartments. This is just one example of his beautiful work in the city. Many homes and the Alameda County Courthouse on the lake! Very proud to say that!

    Liked by 1 person

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