Christmas Time in Montclair

I thought I would take a moment to share with you some Christmas ads and some articles from The Montclarion. I know these ads will bring back memories from some of you. From the 1940s The Montclarion 1941 The Montcalrion 1941 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion... Continue Reading →

Montclair East

Montclair East is a shopping center with business offices located at 2220 Mountain Blvd. It is now called Village Square. James Fernhoff, a local real estate broker, was the initial developer.

Ostrich Farm in Oakland

W.H." Harvey" Bentley of the Bentley Ostrich Farm in San Diego County announced the opening of a branch in the Elmhurst District (sometimes Fruitvale) of Oakland at East 14th and High Street.

Slim Jenkins Supper Club – Market

Harold "Slim" Jenkins was an African American entrepreneur and owner of the renowned Slim Jenkins Supper Club on 7th Street in West Oakland. Exterior entrance of Slim Jenkins nightclub and coffee shop. E. F. Joseph Photograph Collection Liquor Store and Market SF Examiner Slim Jenkins saw the economic opportunity in the business district and opened a liquor store... Continue Reading →

Wrecker Uses Sherman Tank To…

Project Gateway - West Oakland The world's largest and fully mechanized mail handling facility designed to serve central California and the Pacific ocean areaPostmaster General - Aug 1959 It was announced the facility would be built on a 12-block site in West Oakland bounded by Peralta, 7th and Wood Streets, and the Southern Pacific railroad... Continue Reading →

Stephens’ Family

The Stephen's Family a successful African American family in Oakland. They owned a successful restaurant. Virginia, their daughter was the first African American woman to receive a law degree from University of California Boalt School of Law in 1929.

Montclair Realty – Pioneers of the Hills

In 1924 brothers Paul and Herman Pause formed Montclair Realty Co. Before that, Paul worked for the Realty Syndicate. Paul and Herman Pause The business district of Montclair looked like this when Montclair Realty was formed. Cos. Williams, a builder, was the only other business at that time. Sales offices of real estate broker and... Continue Reading →

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