Hays School District

In March of 1886, the Board of Supervisors created a new school district. That took from portions of the Piedmont, Peralta, and Fruitvale districts and representing about 44 children.

Oakland Zoo in Knowland Park

The Oakland Zoo is home to over 750 native and exotic animals. They are recognized for our outstanding animal care, particularly our elephant care program: the 17,000 square foot, state-of-the-art veterinary hospital — the largest wild animal veterinary facility in Northern California

School War Work in 1918

Oakland Tribune October 15, 1918 War work in the Oakland Public Schools during 1918 was considered one of the most essential items in the curriculum by both the school administration and the teachers. They felt the first duty of the schools was to aid the national government in winning the war to the best of... Continue Reading →

The Oakland’s First School House

Oakland Tribune Feb 08, 1970 When Oakland became a city in 1852, there was no free public school. There was a private school at the corner of 2nd and Broadway run by Mrs. Monroe. Old Fandango House Oakland Tribune May 01, 1952 Sketch of Oakland's first school building African American Museum & Library at Oakland... Continue Reading →

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