Oakmore Highland Model Homes

Breuner-Tribune Home June 1934 Display Homes of 1934 New homes at 1746 Leimert, 1808 Leimert and 1816 Leimert - Sept 1934   1746 Leimert, 1808 Leimert and 1816 Leimert Just a few of the homes in the Oakmore Highlands Neighborhood.   For more on Oakmore Highlands please see: Oakmore Highlands  

Montclair is…

The birth of Montclair The 1920s were economic boom years in the United States as a whole, and in California in particular.  Economic growth was fueled by the general post–World War I recovery, as well as oil discoveries in Los Angeles and, most notably, the widespread introduction of the automobile. Oakland expanded during the 1920s, … Continue reading Montclair is…

The Ward-Way – Homes by Montgomery Wards

In the 1940's Montgomery Wards through it's building services department sold pre-fab homes to be built by local contractors.  They would supply everything necessary to build your home. "The Ward Way method of building and furnishing is a simplified system of obtaining built to order home,"  states Ralph Jarvis  Ward-Way representative - Oakland Tribune Oct 27, 1940 … Continue reading The Ward-Way – Homes by Montgomery Wards


Merriewood is a section or neighborhood of Montclair District of Oakland.   The Realty Syndicate were the exclusive agents selling the tract.  It first went on sale in 1924. Oakland Tribune stated that there was no other tract in Oakland can offer such a "combination of magnificent view and a comfortable home"   The ad went on … Continue reading Merriewood