In Le Mon Park

"See the world from Piedmont Pines." -with an elevation ranging from 1300-1400 feet Le Mon Park commands a view of which its residents can never be deprived

Fairway Estates in Oak Knoll

When this area was first built up in the mid-1920s it was part of Oak Knoll. Now it is considered to part of Sequoyah "Fairway Estates is in the heart of the country club district and consists of a group of estates with building sites of generous size." Oakland Tribune, August 18. 1929 Fairway Estates and Country... Continue Reading →

Melrose Highlands- Part 2

Melrose Highland is the area off of Keller Avenue to the King Estates Open Space and over to Field Street and up to Crest Avenue – The area is now called Eastmont Hills.

The Highest Home in Oakland – 1928

"1928 Model View Home " The 1928 Model View Home - Oakland Tribune 1928 The 1928 Model View Home is situated at the "Top of the World" in reality the topmost peak in Montclair Highlands, overlooking several counties as well as affording a magnificent sweep of the entire bay and part of the Pacific Ocean... Continue Reading →

Million Dollar View Home – 1936

Oakland Tribune Aug 1936 Million Dollar View - 5614 Balboa Avenue Montclair Highlands Conrad T Kett - designer Paul A. Wolter - builder Harry R. Stockman Emge & Stockman 1936 Oakland Tribune 1936 English Tudor with a panoramic view of the Bay. Every room in the homes takes full advantage of the panorama of Oakland,... Continue Reading →

Open for Inspection Today – Aug 13, 1939

Oakland Tribune 1939Oakland Tribune Aug 13, 1939 Six modern furnished homes were opened for inspection on Sunday, August 13, 1939. The houses were located in Berkeley, Moraga, and Oakland. I will just highlight the two houses from Oakland. Lincoln Highlands Harmony Home 2700 Alida Street 1939 $6750 up Lincoln Highlands Irwin M. Johnson - architect... Continue Reading →

Home Tour of Montclair – 1937

Oakland Tribune Oct 22, 1937 5335 Estates Drive 5664 Thornhill Drive 1731 Mountain Blvd 6025 Bruns Drive Liggett Drive 2645 Camino Lenada Montclair Realty Offices- 6540 Moraga Ave Emge and Stockman Offices - Mountain and LaSalle Winder & Gahan Office - 6500 Moraga Ave C.W. Leekins - 6054 La Salle Ave Home Tour of the... Continue Reading →

Silver Windows – Piedmont Pines

Oakland Tribune Jan 1937 "Silver Windows" was a display home in the Piedmont Pines section of Montclair. The house opened for the public to see in 1936. The house was designed by F. Harvey Slocombe. It is on Darby Drive. Windows, from which one glimpses the bay through lofty pines are not the only feature... Continue Reading →

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