In Le Mon Park

"See the world from Piedmont Pines." -with an elevation ranging from 1300-1400 feet Le Mon Park commands a view of which its residents can never be deprived

Montclair Realty – Pioneers of the Hills

In 1924 brothers Paul and Herman Pause formed Montclair Realty Co. Before that, Paul worked for the Realty Syndicate. Paul and Herman Pause The business district of Montclair looked like this when Montclair Realty was formed. Cos. Williams, a builder, was the only other business at that time. Sales offices of real estate broker and... Continue Reading →

The Highest Home in Oakland – 1928

"1928 Model View Home " The 1928 Model View Home - Oakland Tribune 1928 The 1928 Model View Home is situated at the "Top of the World" in reality the topmost peak in Montclair Highlands, overlooking several counties as well as affording a magnificent sweep of the entire bay and part of the Pacific Ocean... Continue Reading →

$20,000 Log Cabin – Fernwood

Fernwood was the beautiful country estate of Col. Jack C. Hays and his wife Susan in 1852. Residence of Col. John C. Hays, Oakland, Alameda County, California.” (Published by Thompson & West, Oakland, Cal., 1878) from Oakland History Room After Hays’ death in 1883, the estate was sold to William J. Dingee. Dingee built an opulent 19-room Queen-Anne... Continue Reading →

Forest Park – Homes

Just a few of the homes of Forest Park - I will update if I find more. Oakland Tribune May 1927 - 6415 Oakwood Drive Oakland Tribune May 1927 - 6415 Oakwood Drive Oakland Tribune Feb 28, 1928 6415 Oakwood Drive 6415 Oakwood Drive - Present Day - Google maps6415 Oakwood Drive - Google mapsThe... Continue Reading →

Forest Park – a scenic residential park

Subdivision of Montclair - approx. the area above Thornhill at Woodhaven and Oakwood Drive and up to Snake and Colton Blvd. The Forest Park Pool (now Montclair Swim Club) was included with the tract. - Updated May 06, 2019 "Wickham Havens, Inc., to Sell Fine Scenic Property on the Highlands Northeast of Beautiful Piedmont" -... Continue Reading →

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