In Oak Knoll…

Oakland Tribune Oct 2, 1927 In 1926 it was announced that development of the Oak Knoll Country Club and the land surrounding it would handled by Carroll L. Post, the former president of Post Food Products Company. They began building the first group of model homes in April of 1926. Ezell-Phebus were the sales-agents. Oakland... Continue Reading →

Fairway Estates in Oak Knoll

When this area was first built up in the mid-1920s it was part of Oak Knoll. Now it is considered to part of Sequoyah "Fairway Estates is in the heart of the country club district and consists of a group of estates with building sites of generous size." Oakland Tribune, August 18. 1929 Fairway Estates and Country... Continue Reading →

Attractive Lynn Homes

Lynn Homes on Nicol Avenue Eight charming five-room homes of Spanish and Mission architecture were built by Willis F. Lynn on Nicol Avenue. Five of the houses were sold before they were completed. The last three went on sale on June 14, 1925. Oakland Tribune June 14, 1925 Each house has: Breakfast room or nook... Continue Reading →

Melrose Highlands

Melrose Highland is the area off of Keller Avenue to the King Estates Open Space and over to Field Street and up to Crest Avenue – The area is now called Eastmont Hills.

Sather Park – Photos from 1914

Sather Park - 1917 Sather Park Tract is now known as Lakeshore Highlands and Trestle Glen. I have shared a few of the photos from an album entitled "Lakeshore Highlands" that was prepared for Frederick Law Olmsted who was hired by Walter H. Leimert. The album is from the archives of Olmsted at the Frederick... Continue Reading →

Toler Heights

Toler Heights Toler Ranch William Pinkney Toler (1829-1899) and his wife Maria Antonia (1836-1926) owned 330 (349) acres of land in the foothills of Elmhurst. Maria was the daughter of  Hermenegildo "Ignacio" Peralta. William and Maria were married in 1853. The Ranch was on the foothills road between Elmhurst and San Leandro, later known as... Continue Reading →

Hopkins Town – in the Dimond District

In Hopkinstown every lot is practically level, all lots are big and deep with sewer, water, gas and electricity in front of every lot.Oakland Tribune Aug 15, 1922 Oakland Tribune Aug 15, 1922 Hopkins Town was a small subdivision in the Dimond District. HopkinsTown was located at Hopkins St (now MacArthur Blvd) Georgia, Maple, and... Continue Reading →

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