Delilah Beasley

Delilah Beasley was a columnist for the Oakland Tribune.She is most known for her book "The Negro Trail-Blazers of California," published in 1919 and reprinted in 1968.

Santa Claus Rides the Bus

On Facebook, I have been sharing photos of holiday-themed AC Transit Coaches (Bus). In researching the tradition, I learned that Nickolas P. Alevizos played Santa Claus for more than 40 years. A bit of history here.

Reign of Terror

Mrs. George D. Greenwood, Oakland society leader, was murdered by a bomb explosion in the yard of her home at 1899 Jackson Street after threatening were received letters.

Edson Plaza and Conservatory

Mr. Edson F. Adams, son of one of the city founders, purchased the conservatory and had it moved to a two-acre park he had created at the head of Lake Merritt, known as Edson Plaza. The new park was called Edson Plaza and Conservatory or Adams Park.

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