In Oak Knoll…

Oakland Tribune Oct 2, 1927 In 1926 it was announced that development of the Oak Knoll Country Club and the land surrounding it would handled by Carroll L. Post, the former president of Post Food Products Company. They began building the first group of model homes in April of 1926. Ezell-Phebus were the sales-agents. Oakland... Continue Reading →

Montclair Realty – Pioneers of the Hills

In 1924 brothers Paul and Herman Pause formed Montclair Realty Co. Before that, Paul worked for the Realty Syndicate. Paul and Herman Pause The business district of Montclair looked like this when Montclair Realty was formed. Cos. Williams, a builder, was the only other business at that time. Sales offices of real estate broker and... Continue Reading →

Open for Inspection Today – Aug 13, 1939

Oakland Tribune 1939Oakland Tribune Aug 13, 1939 Six modern furnished homes were opened for inspection on Sunday, August 13, 1939. The houses were located in Berkeley, Moraga, and Oakland. I will just highlight the two houses from Oakland. Lincoln Highlands Harmony Home 2700 Alida Street 1939 $6750 up Lincoln Highlands Irwin M. Johnson - architect... Continue Reading →

Home Tour of Montclair – 1937

Oakland Tribune Oct 22, 1937 5335 Estates Drive 5664 Thornhill Drive 1731 Mountain Blvd 6025 Bruns Drive Liggett Drive 2645 Camino Lenada Montclair Realty Offices- 6540 Moraga Ave Emge and Stockman Offices - Mountain and LaSalle Winder & Gahan Office - 6500 Moraga Ave C.W. Leekins - 6054 La Salle Ave Home Tour of the... Continue Reading →

Montclair Observation Tower

The Montclair Observation Tower was a two-story tower built by the Realty Syndicate in 1925 to help sell homes in the newly opened area of  Montclair Highlands. Montclair Observation Tower - Montclair Highlands 1923 -  Oakland History Room Every night the Observation Tower was illuminated by Idora Park searchlight - "the most powerful searchlight in the world" On a clear... Continue Reading →

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