Then & Now – Oakland Schools Part 10

 In this series of posts, I hope to show Then and Now images Oakland Schools.  Along with a bit of history of each school, I highlight. Some of the photos are in the form of drawings or postcards, or from the pages of history books.  Note: Piecing together the history of some of the older schools is sometimes tricky.... Continue Reading →

Alden Farm

Official and historical atlas map of Alameda County, California. Compiled, drawn, and published from personal examinations and surveys by Thompson & West. Oakland, Cala. 1878. Res. & farm of P.A. Finigan, Brooklyn Tp. The Alden Farm (Alder Farm) once stood on the land where Holy Names University is located today. In 1874 Charles Low owned... Continue Reading →

George L. Lynde – Lynde Street

In 1990 my Ex-husband and I bought a home on Lynde Street in the Fruitvale District. I immediately wanted to know why it named Lynde Street? Who was Lynde? Lynde Street was declared a public road in 1886. Oakland Tribune Dec 06, 1886 Geo L. Lynde owned the land in 1878 Map of Oakland and... Continue Reading →

Gold Star Streets

In my curiosity about the street names, I noticed the phrase "gold star streets" come up. With further research, I found that many of the streets of Oakland are named after and in honor of soldiers who lost their lives in World War I and lived in Oakland. The streets were called  "gold star streets."... Continue Reading →

Naming Our City Streets

Growing up in Montclair (for me), Thornhill Drive was always just Thornhill Drive. But come to find out it was once called Thorn Road (sometimes Thorne Road). Thornhill is a more delightful sounding name than Thorn. But there is a perfectly good reason as to why it was called Thorn Road. Thorn Road From the... Continue Reading →

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