Oakland – 1918 Flu Pandemic – WWI

The 1918 Flu Pandemic (aka the 'Spanish Flu') infected and killed millions of people globally, including killing more than 1,400 in Oakland, California. (The population at that time was about 216,000.)  There were two major outbreaks in Oakland, one in the fall of 1918, and another in January 1919.  In one particularly grim 24 hour period in November... Continue Reading →

School War Work in 1918

Oakland Tribune October 15, 1918 War work in the Oakland Public Schools during 1918 was considered one of the most essential items in the curriculum by both the school administration and the teachers. They felt the first duty of the schools was to aid the national government in winning the war to the best of... Continue Reading →

Sather Park – Photos from 1914

Sather Park - 1917 Sather Park Tract is now known as Lakeshore Highlands and Trestle Glen. I have shared a few of the photos from an album entitled "Lakeshore Highlands" that was prepared for Frederick Law Olmsted who was hired by Walter H. Leimert. The album is from the archives of Olmsted at the Frederick... Continue Reading →

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