Attractive Lynn Homes

Lynn Homes on Nicol Avenue Eight charming five-room homes of Spanish and Mission architecture were built by Willis F. Lynn on Nicol Avenue. Five of the houses were sold before they were completed. The last three went on sale on June 14, 1925. Oakland Tribune June 14, 1925 Each house has: Breakfast room or nook... Continue Reading →

The Pines

"The Pines" was the beautiful home and the surrounding gardens of Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Bowles. The house was built in 1910, and it stood at what is now No. 2 Bowling Drive.  

The Highest Home in Oakland – 1928

"1928 Model View Home " The 1928 Model View Home - Oakland Tribune 1928 The 1928 Model View Home is situated at the "Top of the World" in reality the topmost peak in Montclair Highlands, overlooking several counties as well as affording a magnificent sweep of the entire bay and part of the Pacific Ocean... Continue Reading →

Montclair Observation Tower

The Montclair Observation Tower was a two-story tower built by the Realty Syndicate in 1925 to help sell homes in the newly opened area of  Montclair Highlands. Montclair Observation Tower - Montclair Highlands 1923 -  Oakland History Room Every night the Observation Tower was illuminated by Idora Park searchlight - "the most powerful searchlight in the world" On a clear... Continue Reading →

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