Melrose Highlands- Part 2

Melrose Highland is the area off of Keller Avenue to the King Estates Open Space and over to Field Street and up to Crest Avenue – The area is now called Eastmont Hills.

Claremont Circle

Oakland Tribune Sep 1935 Claremont Circle is a real estate development by the E.B. Field Company. It opened in 1935. Oakland Tribune Sep 1935 Claremont Circle has a magnificent panorama view of SF Bay, Golden Gate, Marin County, and Mount Tamalpais Oakland Tribune 1935 Oakland Tribune Sep 1935 Oakland Tribune Sept 1935 Oakland Tribune 1935... Continue Reading →

Honeymoon Haven

Honeymoon Haven - 13049 Broadway Terrace - opened Jun 1935 "A five-room residence planned to harmonize perfectly with it's charming among pines."  Oakland Tribune June 16, 1935 The home sits on 1/4 acre lots among the pines. "1000 People attended the opening of Honeymoon Haven" - Oakland Tribune June 23, 1935 Merriewood Tract Spanish -Colonial... Continue Reading →

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