In Le Mon Park

"See the world from Piedmont Pines." -with an elevation ranging from 1300-1400 feet Le Mon Park commands a view of which its residents can never be deprived

1937 Fire – Upper Broadway Terrace

A brush and timber fire that destroyed at least four Oakland hill area homes and menaced at least 50 more burned in the area of Pine Needle Road and Upper Broadway Terrace and came close to the buildings of the new Broadway Low-Level tunnel (Caldicott Tunnel). This was on September 25, 1937. Oakland Tribune Sep... Continue Reading →

Home Tour of Montclair – 1937

Oakland Tribune Oct 22, 1937 5335 Estates Drive 5664 Thornhill Drive 1731 Mountain Blvd 6025 Bruns Drive Liggett Drive 2645 Camino Lenada Montclair Realty Offices- 6540 Moraga Ave Emge and Stockman Offices - Mountain and LaSalle Winder & Gahan Office - 6500 Moraga Ave C.W. Leekins - 6054 La Salle Ave Home Tour of the... Continue Reading →

Claremont Circle

Oakland Tribune Sep 1935 Claremont Circle is a real estate development by the E.B. Field Company. It opened in 1935. Oakland Tribune Sep 1935 Claremont Circle has a magnificent panorama view of SF Bay, Golden Gate, Marin County, and Mount Tamalpais Oakland Tribune 1935 Oakland Tribune Sep 1935 Oakland Tribune Sept 1935 Oakland Tribune 1935... Continue Reading →

Drake Drive – Montclair Highlands

In 1937 Frederick L. Confer designed a "modernistic' (now art deco) home for Mr. and Mrs. George H. Everest and their two daughters. The Everest family had been living at 1760 Mountain Blvd before moving into their new Montclair Highlands home at 1831 Drake Drive. The home was developed by Emge and Stockman. It was... Continue Reading →

Montclair Display Homes

NarragansettĀ House Narragansett HouseĀ is a New England Colonial-style home in the Montclair Highlands Section on Balboa Drive, built as a model home in 1937. The home opened in February 1937, by the end of the first week, 3500 toured the house and by the end of April 1937 over 25,000 had visited the home. Oakland Tribune... Continue Reading →

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