Slim Jenkins Supper Club – Market

Harold "Slim" Jenkins was an African American entrepreneur and owner of the renowned Slim Jenkins Supper Club on 7th Street in West Oakland. Exterior entrance of Slim Jenkins nightclub and coffee shop. E. F. Joseph Photograph Collection Liquor Store and Market SF Examiner Slim Jenkins saw the economic opportunity in the business district and opened a liquor store... Continue Reading →

OPD – First Black Women Recruit

Saundra graduated from Fresno College with a degree in sociology. She always had her eyes set on working with juveniles and looked into law enforcement as a possible field. She applied to OPD immediately after her June 1969 graduation. No opening existed.

Stephens’ Family

The Stephen's Family a successful African American family in Oakland. They owned a successful restaurant. Virginia, their daughter was the first African American woman to receive a law degree from University of California Boalt School of Law in 1929.

Audrey Lucinda Robinson

Audrey Lucinda Robinson - 1915-2008 Audrey Robinson was the first African American teacher at Thornhill Elementary School in Oakland, Ca. Thornhill School 1966-1967 Early Years Audrey Lucinda Robinson was the daughter of Charles Nelson and Maude Gibson.  She was born in 1915 in Oakland. She attended Peralta School and graduated from Claremont in 1930 and... Continue Reading →

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