The Bancroft Parkway

Bancroft Avenue was to become a major thoroughfare linking San Leandro and Oakland, relieving the traffic on MacArthur, Foothill, and East 14th (now International)

Lockwood Gardens

Lockwood opened in August of 1942. Originally designed for low-income families regardless of employment, they were converted for the use of families the defense industry only.

Ostrich Farm in Oakland

W.H." Harvey" Bentley of the Bentley Ostrich Farm in San Diego County announced the opening of a branch in the Elmhurst District (sometimes Fruitvale) of Oakland at East 14th and High Street.

Stephens’ Family

The Stephen's Family a successful African American family in Oakland. They owned a successful restaurant. Virginia, their daughter was the first African American woman to receive a law degree from University of California Boalt School of Law in 1929.

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