Sweat-Equity Down Payment

In 1980 seven Oakland families were approved for a construction loan of $45,000 to participate in the Owner-Built Housing Program of Oakland Neighborhood Housing Services (ONHS).

Ostrich Farm in Oakland

W.H." Harvey" Bentley of the Bentley Ostrich Farm in San Diego County announced the opening of a branch in the Elmhurst District (sometimes Fruitvale) of Oakland at East 14th and High Street.

Then & Now – Oakland Schools Part 6

In this series of posts, I hope to show Then and Now images Oakland Schools.  Along with a bit of history of each school, I highlight. Some of the photos are in the form of drawings or postcards, or from the pages of history books.  Note: Piecing together the history of some of the older schools is sometimes tricky.... Continue Reading →

Old Mountain George

Again while researching something else, I came across this, and I had to share it. I was looking into the Haines Ranch and found this article about Mountain George. Old Mountain George Died Where He Wanted to Die On the 15th day of July 1887, Jonathan Murphy was riding over the ridge close to (or... Continue Reading →

Sunshine Court

Sunshine Court is group homes built by Pedigreed Home Builders in 1927 Each house had 4 or 5 rooms with separate garage, ranging in from $3950-$4550. Every Sunshine Court Home had a dining room set, gas range, Hoyt water heater, linoleum, curtain rods, bathroom fixtures, and other time and money-saving extras. The first six homes... Continue Reading →

Beverly Terrace – The homes and more

Part 2 - Beverly Terrace -The Sunshine Tract - When Beverly Terrance was put on the market MacArthur Blvd as we know it, was called Hollywood Blvd and was a part of the Lincoln Highway. At this time, the Chevrolet Assembly Plant (now Eastmont Town Center) Fageol Motor Company (later Peterbilt and now Foothill Square)... Continue Reading →

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