Central Terrace – 55th and Foothill

It is located where Foothill Blvd meets Trask Street and 55th Avenue. 55th Avenue was formally called Central Avenue, and Foothill Blvd was often referred to as the Scenic Boulevard. Central Terrace also includes Ruth Avenue, Laverne Avenue, El Camille Avenue, and Kingsland Avenue. The area now is considered to be an extension of Maxwell... Continue Reading →

Beverly Terrace – The homes and more

Part 2 - Beverly Terrace -The Sunshine Tract - When Beverly Terrance was put on the market MacArthur Blvd as we know it, was called Hollywood Blvd and was a part of the Lincoln Highway. At this time, the Chevrolet Assembly Plant (now Eastmont Town Center) Fageol Motor Company (later Peterbilt and now Foothill Square)... Continue Reading →

Beverly Terrace – The Sunshine Tract

On the Beautiful Scenic Foothill Blvd. of Oakland Ca Brochure from the OMCA - c:1916 Gift of Fred E. Reed H4599.44 San Francisco Examiner Apr 03, 1916 Panorama from Beverly Terrace Cheney Photo Advertising c 1916 Previously sold on eBay Beverly Terrace went on sale in 1916. Located at Foothill Blvd and 99th on the... Continue Reading →

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