Hays School District

In March of 1886, the Board of Supervisors created a new school district. That took from portions of the Piedmont, Peralta, and Fruitvale districts and representing about 44 children.

A Hermit’s Companion

Because of his friendship with an old hermit, George W. Brusseau, who was the only close companion of Charles Kruse for more than a decade, Kruse gave Brusseau his property worth more than $50,000.

A Murder in Hays Canyon

Hays Canyon or sometimes called "Jack Hayes Canyon," was the area in hills behind Piedmont. Now known as Thornhill Canyon, Thornhill Drive, and Moraga Avenue. For more info, please see here - Oakland Local Wiki - Hays Canyon San Francisco Examiner June 07, 1894 On June 6th, 1894, Manuel Souza Quadros was murdered on the... Continue Reading →

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