A Forgotten Tunnel…

I recently found an article from 1961 about the discovery of an underground tunnel on what was the MacDermont Mansion in West Oakland. This is what I discovered looking into the mansion. MacDermot Mansion - Oakland Local wiki Forgotten Tunnel Revives Dimming Memories In 1961 the Peralta Villa, a 20-year-old WWII housing unit, was being... Continue Reading →

Calvin Simmons – 1950-1982

A special edition of my blog, in honor of Black History Month and a wonderful man. I was lucky enough to know Clavin Simmons personally.  He was the conductor of the Oakland Symphony when I worked there. Calvin Simmons Conductor Let me back up a little bit my Mom Sarah Chambers started working at the... Continue Reading →

Oakland…The White City

This is not about race. It about when Oakland city planners decided to market Oakland as "The White City."  As a suggestion to future designers and builders.  It was not intended to be used in public, just circulated among builders and planners of the city.   I get the thinking behind the slogan and can almost... Continue Reading →

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