1933 – Oakland Hills Fire

The fire started in the Redwood Road area and raced through to Sequoia Park (Joaquin Miller Park) and down Dimond Canyon and also spread some into Shepard Canyon.  Oakland Tribune Nov 13, 1933 The fire, which began around 7 am on November 13, 1933, swept through the East Oakland Hills, burning a man to death,... Continue Reading →

The Boyd Log Cabin

This log cabin located across the street from the entrance to Joaquin Miller Park at 3551 Joaquin Miller Road. It was built in 1922 by Thomas"Hal" Boyd. 3543 Joaquin Miller Road 3551 Joaquin Miller Road - Back of the cabin 3551 Joaquin Miller Road - Google mapsHigh above the city on Joaquin Miller Road, he... Continue Reading →

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