The Highest Home in Oakland – 1928

"1928 Model View Home " The 1928 Model View Home - Oakland Tribune 1928 The 1928 Model View Home is situated at the "Top of the World" in reality the topmost peak in Montclair Highlands, overlooking several counties as well as affording a magnificent sweep of the entire bay and part of the Pacific Ocean... Continue Reading →

Million Dollar View Home – 1936

Oakland Tribune Aug 1936 Million Dollar View - 5614 Balboa Avenue Montclair Highlands Conrad T Kett - designer Paul A. Wolter - builder Harry R. Stockman Emge & Stockman 1936 Oakland Tribune 1936 English Tudor with a panoramic view of the Bay. Every room in the homes takes full advantage of the panorama of Oakland,... Continue Reading →

Drake Drive – Montclair Highlands

In 1937 Frederick L. Confer designed a "modernistic' (now art deco) home for Mr. and Mrs. George H. Everest and their two daughters. The Everest family had been living at 1760 Mountain Blvd before moving into their new Montclair Highlands home at 1831 Drake Drive. The home was developed by Emge and Stockman. It was... Continue Reading →

Montclair Display Homes

Narragansett House Narragansett House is a New England Colonial-style home in the Montclair Highlands Section on Balboa Drive, built as a model home in 1937. The home opened in February 1937, by the end of the first week, 3500 toured the house and by the end of April 1937 over 25,000 had visited the home. Oakland Tribune... Continue Reading →

Montclair Observation Tower

The Montclair Observation Tower was a two-story tower built by the Realty Syndicate in 1925 to help sell homes in the newly opened area of  Montclair Highlands. Montclair Observation Tower - Montclair Highlands 1923 -  Oakland History Room Every night the Observation Tower was illuminated by Idora Park searchlight - "the most powerful searchlight in the world" On a clear... Continue Reading →

Montclair Highlands – Top of the World

Montclair Highlands was one of the earlier subdivisions in Montclair.  Located in the hills back of Piedmont and just above Montclair's Business district or the "Townsite" as locals called it in 1925. "Montclair Business Center, as the name indicates, is the tract opened as a community trading district."   Oakland Tribune May 17, 1925 "Montclair Highlands is... Continue Reading →

Exposition Home – Montclair Highlands

Exposition Home - Located at 5988 Rincon Ave Oakland CA Oakland Tribune April 10, 1938Oakland Tribune April 17, 1938Built-in 1938 in preparation for the upcoming Exposition Fair at Treasure Island in 1939.  The home is located in Montclair Highlands, the scenic tract of Emge and Stockman with sweeping views of the Golden Gate and Treasure... Continue Reading →

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