Christmas Time in Montclair

I thought I would take a moment to share with you some Christmas ads and some articles from The Montclarion. I know these ads will bring back memories from some of you. From the 1940s The Montclarion 1941 The Montcalrion 1941 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion... Continue Reading →

Hamburger Joints in Montclair

Most who grew up in the Montclair District of Oakland have fond memories of Mort's Drive-in on the corner of Moraga and Medau. My memories of Mort's are from when it was on Thornhill Drive next to the 7-11. The smell of french fries (the best!)wafting through the air and into our classrooms would make... Continue Reading →

On Moraga Avenue

An Enterprising Family and Their New Home in the Montclair District. - Oakland Tribune Mr. and Mrs. John W Martinsen's like many others in the area took on the task of building their own home. Mrs. Martinsen would serve a hot lunch for them from a cabin they had built in the back of the... Continue Reading →

Living Double-Lives in Montclair

A couple of years ago, someone in a Facebook group I belong to asked if anyone else remembered a story or rumor that went around Montclair in the mid-50s. "It was a story about a guy the ran a repair shop on La Salle Ave, who was a spy for the American Government or something... Continue Reading →

Freeway Variety

Freeway Variety Photo by Bill Boyd C 1978 If you grew up the Montclair District of Oakland from 1956 to about 1990, you shopped at Freeway Variety. The Montclarion March 1956 Freeway Variety opened in March of 1956. It was owned and operated by partners Cy Fritz and David Iventosch. They both had experience running... Continue Reading →

A Murder in Hays Canyon

Hays Canyon or sometimes called "Jack Hayes Canyon," was the area in hills behind Piedmont. Now known as Thornhill Canyon, Thornhill Drive, and Moraga Avenue. For more info, please see here - Oakland Local Wiki - Hays Canyon San Francisco Examiner June 07, 1894 On June 6th, 1894, Manuel Souza Quadros was murdered on the... Continue Reading →

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