Montclair Highlands – Top of the World

Montclair Highlands was one the earlier subdivisions in Montclair.  Located in the hills back of Piedmont and just above Montclair's Business district or the "Townsite" as locals called it in 1925. "Montclair Business Center as the name indicates is the tract opened as a community trading district".   Oakland Tribune May 17, 1925 "Montclair Highlands is separated … Continue reading Montclair Highlands – Top of the World

Casa Altadena

    Casa Altadena the exhibition home of the Realty Syndicate company had a successful opening on January 29, 1928, when over 500 people motored out to Smith Reserve (Piedmont Pines) to view the beautiful dwelling.  Oakland Tribune Feb 05, 1928. Casa Altadena 1928 by Cheney Photo Advertising   Casa Altadena is of Spanish architecture and … Continue reading Casa Altadena