Montclair East

Montclair East is a shopping center with business offices located at 2220 Mountain Blvd. It is now called Village Square. James Fernhoff, a local real estate broker, was the initial developer.

Leona Canyon Fire – Oct 1960

Oakland Tribune October 16, 1960On Saturday, October 15, 1960, a brush fire started in the area of Mountain Blvd and Burckhalter Avenue. The fire bore a striking resemblance to the disastrous 1923 Berkeley fire, which swept from the hills, destroyed 600 buildings, and leaving 4000 homeless. Oakland Tribune October 16, 1960 The fire started at... Continue Reading →

Montclair Realty – Pioneers of the Hills

In 1924 brothers Paul and Herman Pause formed Montclair Realty Co. Before that, Paul worked for the Realty Syndicate. Paul and Herman Pause The business district of Montclair looked like this when Montclair Realty was formed. Cos. Williams, a builder, was the only other business at that time. Sales offices of real estate broker and... Continue Reading →

More Early Photos of Montclair

Moraga Avenue and La Salle c 1940 Photo from A C Transit The above is the corner of Moraga and LaSalle circa 1940 . Showing Montclair Pharmacy. L60-95-Public Works Photos, Oakland Cultural Heritage Survey, Oakland City Planning Department c 1954 Above is Moraga and La Salle- showing  the Siena Deli, Montclair Donuts, Simons Cleaning Center... Continue Reading →

Home Tour of Montclair – 1937

Oakland Tribune Oct 22, 1937 5335 Estates Drive 5664 Thornhill Drive 1731 Mountain Blvd 6025 Bruns Drive Liggett Drive 2645 Camino Lenada Montclair Realty Offices- 6540 Moraga Ave Emge and Stockman Offices - Mountain and LaSalle Winder & Gahan Office - 6500 Moraga Ave C.W. Leekins - 6054 La Salle Ave Home Tour of the... Continue Reading →

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