Toler Heights

Toler Heights Toler Ranch William Pinkney Toler (1829-1899) and his wife Maria Antonia (1836-1926) owned 330 (349) acres of land in the foothills of Elmhurst. Maria was the daughter of  Hermenegildo "Ignacio" Peralta. William and Maria were married in 1853. The Ranch was on the foothills road between Elmhurst and San Leandro, later known as... Continue Reading →

Edenvale – The Talbot Estate

In 1888, Frederick C. Talbot of the San Francisco lumber firm of Pope & Talbot purchased 133- acres from Ellis A. Haines in Elmhurst near San Leandro and adjacent to the Souhter Farm ( now the Dunsmuir Home) for $15,000. This is now the home of Knowland Park and the Oakland Zoo.

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