10 Overlake Court –

10 Overlake Court - Oriental Theme in Small Home Oriental (now we would say Asian) theme in a small home. The five-room home is located at 10 Overlake Court above the Montclair Pool (Swim and Racquet Club). It was designed with both far Eastern ideas and California architecture. Oil finished wood in a natural color,... Continue Reading →

Home Tour of Montclair – 1937

Oakland Tribune Oct 22, 1937 5335 Estates Drive 5664 Thornhill Drive 1731 Mountain Blvd 6025 Bruns Drive Liggett Drive 2645 Camino Lenada Montclair Realty Offices- 6540 Moraga Ave Emge and Stockman Offices - Mountain and LaSalle Winder & Gahan Office - 6500 Moraga Ave C.W. Leekins - 6054 La Salle Ave Home Tour of the... Continue Reading →

Forest Park – a scenic residential park

Subdivision of Montclair - approx. the area above Thornhill at Woodhaven and Oakwood Drive and up to Snake and Colton Blvd. The Forest Park Pool (now Montclair Swim Club) was included with the tract. - Updated May 06, 2019 "Wickham Havens, Inc., to Sell Fine Scenic Property on the Highlands Northeast of Beautiful Piedmont" -... Continue Reading →

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