The Rabbit Hole

I grew up in the Montclair District of Oakland, CA. I attended Thornhill Elementary School, Montera Junior High, Skyline High School, and spent some time at Merritt College. My childhood home in Montclair I lived in Montclair until I was a young adult, and since then, I have lived by Lake Merritt, in the Fruitvale... Continue Reading →

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The History Bug Strikes

Our house in Montclair on Thornhill In 1983, my ex-husband and I were hired by the Montclair Presbyterian Church (where I went as a young child) as custodians. We moved into the house the church-owned next to the Sanctuary. It was at church I started to get the history bug. I found out that the... Continue Reading →

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Christmas Time in Montclair

I thought I would take a moment to share with you some Christmas ads and some articles from The Montclarion. I know these ads will bring back memories from some of you. From the 1940s The Montclarion 1941 The Montcalrion 1941 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion 1945 The Montclarion... Continue Reading →

Painted Rock

Painted Rock is located at the 'Y" where Ascot Drive and Chelton Drive meet in the Piedmont Pines area. The area was called Sulphur Springs Park.

Montclair East

Montclair East is a shopping center with business offices located at 2220 Mountain Blvd. It is now called Village Square. James Fernhoff, a local real estate broker, was the initial developer.

In Le Mon Park

"See the world from Piedmont Pines." -with an elevation ranging from 1300-1400 feet Le Mon Park commands a view of which its residents can never be deprived

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